For you to get the best out of your video marketing strategy, you must keep up with the upcoming practices that will help you achieve your objectives and push your social marketing forward. Below are some of the 2019 trending practices that will increase success in video marketing.

Focus on the story

Create videos that focus on adding value to the brand, and not just selling the product, through telling a story. The story can be on brand origin and culture, but it should appeal to the targeted customer’s needs and desires. Place a relevant and strategic call to action at the end of the video that will lead to customer conversion.

Short and precise

Successful marketing videos should be short and straight to the point. A marketing video should immediately convey its value to its viewers; for example, why are they watching it? Viewer expectation should be met within the first 5 to 10 seconds. This fact increases the chances of it going viral as desired.

Not boring

Sometimes the use of humor in marketing videos helps in achieving intended results. According to the social media manager at Cisco, it is okay for someone to use comedy in the corporate world to efficiently communicate to customers. Chances of the video going viral are high as it captures viewers interests.

Videos are optimized

Marketers should use some tactics such as search engine optimization to make the video go viral. The video is then tagged with relevant keywords, descriptions, and unique headings to help in google search.


To make marketing videos go viral, marketers should make them educative to their targeted viewers. For example, marketing videos can be used to educate learners on how to use a product or service. Additionally, marketing videos can also be used to showcase the company’s expertise to targeted customers.

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