Digital advertising trends are known as an evolving phenomenon. On that note, it’s necessary to keep up with the existing search engine marketing trends. What worked for business professionals in the past may fail to work for entrepreneurs in the current digital era. From Artificial Intelligence to Micro moments used on social media, there are new digital marketing techniques that business professionals can use in 2019. All a marketing agency requires is to garner in-depth knowledge regarding these technologies. The same should be incorporated into business and marketing campaigns.

Voice Search is on the rise

Voice search is a modern feature. It involves speaking to a machine as well as getting the right data from it. It has made tech-based companies proud, especially with the evolution of Alexa, Siri, as well as Google Assistant. Out of five main search options, voice search is the fourth option for performing searchers online. Some voice searchers are implemented by Apple Homepod, Cortana, and Google Home. They provide searchers with instant voice answers to questions. Other voice searchers machines are installed on smartphones which display written results.

Micro – Moments

Consumer behavior is vastly changing. Today’s fight for hearts and dollars has been won in micro-moments. The philosophy of micro-moment marketing revolves around the fact that in today’s world, customers are bombarded by various emails, tweets, content, push notifications, and additional imaginable elements. The marketing industry is currently at the point of content shock. Consumers can’t purchase more content than they can handle. With micro-moments marketing, vendors are encouraged to realize that a brand or product isn’t the main center of attraction for consumers. Most of the content produced may be perceived as a form of interruption for consumers. Micro-moment helps a brand to capture customers’ attention.

Virtual reality marketing

Consumers are becoming sophisticated. They want engaging, interpersonal experiences even when shopping through social media marketing platforms. Therefore, marketers need to employ heightened and increasingly personalized communication techniques to impress audiences. Virtual reality is one of the most powerful marketing tools in the industry as it revolves around bringing customers together.

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