The importance of involvement in social media marketing

There is one common factor in each of these actions: when you keenly anticipate the next episode of a favorite TV drama, eagerly book tickets for the latest movie sequel, or can’t wait to settle in the bath to read the next few chapters of a paperback. It’s involvement. You want to know more, see how stories or characters evolve and be taken a few steps further in a journey you are eager to make. 


How does this apply to social media marketing? 

It’s that same word again: involvement. People often spend large amounts of time immersed in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest because they have a connection with friends or family members. But their involvement can also extend to groups of people with similar interests and shared passions. Therefore, their social media experiences are an important contributor across different aspects of their life. If you wish to make the most of your social media marketing possibilities, then involvement again needs to be the key. 


Solving the problem of ‘uninvolvement’ 

Yes, this is a word we just made up! But, it highlights a key problem with postings and content that gain no more than a ‘so what’ reaction from those who notice it. This can happen when a business is talking only from their viewpoint, simply telling people what that business feels they should know. Involving social media marketing takes a different tack, thus gaining both initial interest and then ongoing involvement. The various platforms can be used to offer specific advice to those using or seeking the products or services that the company provides. Postings can deal with key problems (albeit ones where the company can offer the solution), answer invited questions and can highlight positive customer reactions. Humor can be used carefully; wisdom delivered with a light touch. 


How involvement expands your reach 

Another key benefit of delivering content which is welcomed by its audience is in the encouragement this provides for such information to be shared. Posts can be forwarded to specific others who the initial recipient knows are interested, or simply shared with all their contacts. There’s an old saying that ‘word-of-mouth is the most powerful form of advertising’. Sharing content is the digital world’s version of this process! 


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