Instagram marketing tips for small businesses

Social media marketing should be an important part of any business's advertising strategy, but it's
particularly important for growing local companies who want to build up a loyal customer base.
Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks right now, with a growing user base full
of trendsetters. As Instagram becomes more influential, it's a network every business should be on.
Here are some tips for your small business to stand out on Instagram.

Keep your feed cohesive

When deciding who to follow, users look at more than just the individual posts - they look at your
feed as a whole. A cohesive feed strengthens your brand image, and it also is an indication to other
users that you make a consistent effort to put out quality content. While a little bit of variety is good,
keeping the color scheme and general types of posts similar and cohesive will improve the quality of
your posts overall.

Respond to comments

Interacting with other accounts is a big part of being successful on Instagram. Many businesses
neglect their comments section, opting to just post and then forget about it. However, your
comments section is the perfect place to engage with potential customers on a more personal level.
You should also be interacting with other accounts that are either similar to yours or seem like they
are part of your target audience. Liking and commenting on other posts in a genuine way can help
drive traffic back to your own page. Just taking 15 minutes a day to engage with other people on
Instagram can make a big difference for your business.

Be smart with your hashtags

Instagram gives you the option to include up to 30 hashtags on your posts. This is another way that
new users will find your posts. It's important to use the right hashtags to reach your target audience.
You need to use hashtags that other people are searching, otherwise, you're essentially wasting
space on your post. A good way to find effective hashtags is to look at other accounts in your
industry that are successful and see what hashtags they are using.
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3 Ways To Improve The User Experience On Your Website

Great website design is at the heart of every digital marketing campaign. If you don't have a great
website to direct potential customers back to, you're likely to lose potential leads. It's important to put
the user first when designing your website, making it easy for them to navigate with visually
appealing features. Here are 3 ways to improve the user experience of your custom websites.

Keep graphics streamlined

While beautiful graphics and imagery are an important part of any website design, you don't want to
overwhelm your visitors with crowded, loud graphics. When you go overboard with the graphic
design, it can make it difficult for visitors to find the information they are looking for, and it also can
detract from the written copy on the site, which is also quite important.

Make sure your site is optimized for mobile

With the incredible capabilities of smartphones nowadays, it's no surprise that many people are
using them more for their web browsing. Because of this, you should always make sure your site
looks just as great on mobile as it does on a desktop. Breaking up your text with bullet points and
headers will make a big difference in the site's readability.

Keep your major design elements consistent throughout the site

It's important to maintain a consistent design throughout all of the pages on your site. Consistency
throughout your site and online marketing strengthens your brand identity, which makes you more
memorable to consumers. When putting together your site, make sure the pages are consistent -
the colors, imagery, and tone of the text shouldn't differ too much from page to page. You can
improve your website's flow with drop-down menus and hyperlinks to help visitors navigate between
pages with ease.

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Tips For Successful Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click, or PPC marketing, is an easy way for businesses of all sizes to market themselves online. As the name suggests, the business only pays for the ad when consumers click on it, so it typically provides a very high return on investment. PPC advertising is done through search engines - the business will choose keywords relevant to their business, and then their ad will show up when these keywords are searched. Your business should be using PPC advertising - here are some tips for success with this ad medium. 

Consistently check your keyword performance 

In order for your PPC campaign to be successful, you cannot just set keywords and then forget about them. It's very important that you check the performance of each keyword frequently. Invest more money into the keywords that are doing well, and then remove the keywords that either aren't being searched at all or aren't turning into clicks. This will ensure that your campaign continues to improve as you go on. 

Make sure your ad copy is effective 

In addition to choosing great keywords, you need to make sure your actual ad copy is going to grab your customers' attention. Make sure everything is concise and direct so that people know exactly what you're selling at first glance. The copy should indicate what makes you different and entice the reader to click. 

Make use of negative keyword options 

Most PPC campaigns allow you to choose negative keywords that you don't want your business to be associated with. For example, if your business offers outdoor landscaping, you might also show up in searches for outdoor construction, but if you don't actually offer those services, it's not going to be particularly helpful. By selecting negative keywords, you will ensure that you don't pop up in searches that aren't relevant to your business, and therefore don't have to pay for clicks that likely won't turn into any sales. 

PPC advertising is particularly effective for small to midsize businesses who can't or don't want to spend money on more expensive ad campaigns. Contact Predxion Media today to learn more about our affordable PPC and digital advertising services.